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We are delighted to be working with British Airways. In many ways they are the perfect clients to work with; fun, open to ideas and creative approaches and in all a really great team of people. One again it has been primarily Internal Communications Services that we have supplied to date but we would love to extend this content focus out to include other content genres either still within or beyond the UK Sales team only (who incidentally are fantastic to work with!)

BA Boot Camp //


To capture the proceedings of a fun team-building day for the UK Sales team at Frimley Hall.


Working to a very tight delivery deadline of 6pm the same evening we supplied a 2-man crew – Director/Camera and an Editor to produce the content for the day…the film being shown to the team that same evening to round up the day.


A 2-man crew Directing/ Shooting and Editing

BA Boot Camp: Internal Comms Film

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