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  • “3 Days in…Paxos” travel format.


  • Online video content for online readers.



Continuing our on-ongoing development of publisher related content through TVMI’s travel arm – The Brilliant Canning Company, we were delighted to be asked to make a multi-asset resource package for the standard – delivering Copy, Stills and Video to service both print and online needs. The trip to Paxos allowed just three days of filming but time enough to thoroughly investigate this pretty but small island. The was a truly multi-skilling endeavour for Steve who not only filmed all the content but presented it as well.

Online content //


The brief was to produce 4 X 2 minute clips that captured the variety of things to do on the two ionian islands of Paxos and Anti-Paxos.


This was multi-skilling to the extreme with Steve not only shooting all the content but presenting as well. Working alongside journalists Peter and Felice Hardy, who were responsible for copy and stills on this project, we set about discovering the “real” Paxos and giving a taste of it through the content we created.


Producing, directing, shooting, presenting, editing, scripting and voicing.

“3 days in…Paxos”

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