Gaziano & Girling


PROJECT: The Story of Gaziano & Girling, Saville Row show manufacturers.

CONTENT: External Communications Films



We were approached by luxury shoe manufacturer Gaziano & Girling to make a short film that would “tell their story” – who they are, what they do and a little about the values and culture of the company. The focus of the content was around craftsmanship and the remarkable individuals whose skills go to make this unique product. Key touch-points included: style, design, tradition, legacy, “englishness”, the finest materials, hand-made, attention to detail, passion, care…quite simply the finest shoes that money can buy. We ended up filming in the company’s two locations – the factory in Kettering and the shop in London’s exclusive Saville Row.        The total shoot time was just a day and a half.

Our Story //


To produce a high production-value film, as befits the product, that would introduce new clients to this luxury brand.


After receiving the brief, agreeing the script and adopting an appropriate approach that would feature both owners telling their story, we followed the whole process as a shoe started it’s life from the drawing board – to the finished boxed article.


Producing, directing, shooting, editing, scripting and voicing

“The finest shoes in the world…”

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