• Customer Relationship Film with Beazley client


  • External Communications Film



We started working with GSM as a result of our relationship with Reed & Mackay – as the two companies are partnered. GSM pulls together a network of likeminded travel agencies around the world to offer a connected service. The film with their client Beazley was to show other agencies how the relationship with GSM clients works and how they are valued.

// Customer Relations Film


To produce a short film to show how the relationship works between client and agency. We worked with GSM to secure access to the Beazley city offices and to their travel manager.


Working to a tight budget we minimised our time spent at the two locations – Beazley offices and GSM offices by careful pre-production and planning. The film was shot in just one day and edited in three including time allowed for R&A.


End-to-end production services: Producing, directing, shooting, editing and scripting.

Client: Beazley

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