• Series of Animation-led films to illustrate OMS services and products.


  • External Communications films



OMS are a very welcome new client to us. They are a fantastic and forward-facing company that has twice won the Queens Award for Innovation…a remarkable achievement. And so it has been a real pleasure to work with their ground-breaking work-force to create a series of films to better show exactly what they do. Given that the company specialises in micro-measurements mostly inside darkened pipes the best approach to illustrate this was through animation. And so we produced a trio of films – two pure animations and the third a mixture of live action and animation. The films have been very successful and the client is now considering making more films…which is great news.

OMS Services //


To find an easy way to de-mystify OMS’ services and to allow prospective clients to understand exactly how they work and why,  for safety reasons, they should be built into their de-facto workflow.


Given the specialist nature of the business it was important for us to fully understand the context of the brief and the detail of the services. And so time was spent immersing ourselves in the documentation before we could storyboard the animations.


Animation, producing, shooting, editing, scripting and voicing

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