Singapore Airlines


PROJECT:  Content creation to support the launch of “Rail-Fly” a new 3-way partnership between Singapore Airlines, First Great Western and Heathrow Express.


  • External Communications Film



Singapore Airlines are a new client to us. We were recently asked to create a film to promote the launch of a new product – “Rail-Fly” – a new all in one “train and plane” ticket adding convenience and cost effectiveness to passengers’ travel arrangements. The film is being used to inform and gain buy in from the carrier’s travel agency partners.

Rail-Fly //


To produce a film for Singapore Airlines that would show the ease of using the all-in-one Rail-fly ticket. The purpose of the film was to communicate the new product to travel agency partners.


Working with the marketing team at Singapore Airlines we designed a simple “journey” approach that would show the ease of the journey using the Rail-fly ticket. A non-gender specific “point-of-view” format was used to capture the customer experience. The film was shot over the course of two days.


For this shoot we used a two-man crew shooting and recording sound and then post-production back in the studio where the bespoke graphics were added.

Rail-Fly Film

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