St. Regis



  • Saadiyat Island Resort, Abu Dhabi


  • External Communications Film



We picked up St. Regis as a client whilst undertaking a travel project for one of our publishing partners. As part of the commercial model for the projects we deliver an editorial story to the publisher and recut the same content to provide a standalone promotional film back to the hotel. On the strength of this film which was shot in just one day we are now talking to the St. Regis group about undertaking more films for them.

A Taste of the Saadiyat Island Resort //


To produce high production-value content, as befits the client, whilst at the same time meeting the expedient demands of news delivery deadlines.


We adopted our usual low profile travel mode. The film was shot in just one day by just one multi-skilled Director/Cameraman.


Producing, shooting, editing, scripting and client liaison

The Saadiyat Island Resort

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