Review & Approval

1.1   CLIENT CHANGES. After a project has been produced, edited and graphics added we ensure that the client is totally happy before the film is finally delivered. We therefore build in a free Review and Approval process as a part of our service. Clients are sent a link to view their film and have the ability to make notes actually on the content itself via an intuitive user interface. We then know that when we make the changes that they are exactly what the client intended – streamlining the process for both us and the client. We’re then good to deliver!


Delivery Platform

2.1   VIMEO. Our supplier of choice for the delivery platform is Vimeo. They provide an excellent service that allows clients to download their content in a variety in different formats, according to usage, as well as being able to stream, embed, customise and add privacy settings. In addition the picture quality is excellent and accommodates 4K content. The hosting of client content on Vimeo is included free of charge in our service.


Cloud-based Archiving

3.1   PEACE OF MIND. One of the greatest fears that clients have is the worry of losing their content…hard drive failure can result in heart failure! At TVMI we meticulously manage and back up all content – locally and to the Cloud. For many of our clients the process of creating content is an ongoing process and as we undertake projects for them we build a valuable archive that can be called upon for future films. It is an investment which we safeguard. We make a modest charge for this service which we consider to be excellent value for money.


Video Marketing

4.1   OPTIMISATION . For those in need of Video Marketing support we’re here to help. How to optimise distribution?…reach the target market? and as importantly, how to achieve a positive financial return from investment in content creation (ROI)?

Content Strategy and Video Marketing is the specialist domain of Chris Court, a key member of our core collective and he brings this expertise as a valuable service to the TVMI client offering.


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