Into Production

1.1   AWARD-WINNING. Once a project is green-lit it moves into the hands of our  Production team. Steve Edmonds heads up the this side of the operation and has won multiple awards for his work. And this level of talent and experience extends across the whole team. You know once you are a client that you are in safe hands.

1.2   SKILL-SETS. Each specific projects is crewed up according to its needs. We have a broad range of skillsets on our books which we supply to production companies like IMG Media (the UK’s biggest independent production company) as well as to our own client projects. These include; Producers, Directors, APs, Production Managers as well as multi-skilled “Predators” (Producer/Director/ Camera).


Shoot Crews

2.1   CAMERA. We have both in-house camera operators as well as a highly experienced freelancers on our books. A camera operator would normally be supplied with an Assistant / Sound technician as a two-person crew. However crews can be one or three person depending upon job requirements.

2.2   SOUND. Sound is incredibly important on shoots. If the budget does not allow for a bespoke sound technician then we will use a camera operator who has been trained in audio capture.

2.3   ASSISTANT. Having a spare pair of hands can be invaluable on a shoot. If the Producer/Director is unable to perform this role then we will supply a camera assistant. This works hand-in-hand with our programme of nurturing new talent through work experience.


Production Equipment

3.1  4K CAPTURE. We supply all the necessary equipment to undertake a high-end professional shoot – lights, dolly, audio…and at the heart of the kit is a 4K Sony cinema camera system with prime and cine-zoom lenses – producing broadcast and commercials standard pictures. We also supply drones with commercially licensed operators.



4.1  EDITING. Our editing service includes both editors and edit suites. We have a number of highly talented editors on our books – both off and on the Island. And in terms of hardware we use the latest high performance Macs for real-time 4K Editing (on Premiere CS), Grading (Resolve) and Finishing (After Effects).


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