Motion Graphics

1.1   RAISING THE BAR. Our Animation service is a key part of our offering here at TVMI and its importance cannot be overstated. It raises our overall production values to the next level. The department is headed up by Michael Gibbins – a highly experienced and talented “motionographer”. Michael brings with him expertise in Visual Effects, 3D Mapping, Technical animation and Motion Graphics.

We create a range of Motion Graphics for clients. These include; Graphic Overlays, Titles and Logos.

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Michael GREEN-2

Visual Effects

2.1   THE WOW FACTOR. Visual Effects (VFX) are used in many of our projects. They include Green Screen keying, Special Effects and Compositing.

Software: After Effects / Lightwave 3D

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3D Visualisation

3.1   PHOTOREALISTIC. 3D mapping is playing an increasing part in our output. We currently supply 3D maps to IMG’s Spirit of Yachting television series.

Software: GeoLayers II / Mocha

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Technical Animation

4.1   CGI. Animation plays a part to lesser and greater degrees in most of our projects. However we have produced some content for clients that has been entirely computer generated. This is particularly relevant for showing how systems and machinery works. allowing us to see exactly what is going on in a way that is not possible with camera technology.

Software: After Effects, Element 3D

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