It’s time to look closer to home!

The Wight Brand project is affording us the opportunity of working with Island businesses

If we are looking for positives to come out of the Coronavirus pandemic, then this is one.

Our usual stream of business is national, if not international, in origin. Over the last year, due to the travel restrictions and businesses in lockdown, much of that work has gone on hold.

But this has given us the chance to refocus on opportunities closer to home. Over the last 9 months we have been designing a new project for the Isle of Wight. It is called The Wight Brand – a video marketing campaign designed to boost the profile of the Island and at the same time provide a fantastic set of marketing resources to the Stakeholder businesses that support it.

We’re really looking forward to working with those businesses here on the Island and we are very excited about the positive  impact which we hope the project will deliver.

We aiming to launch The Wight Brand in the New Year…Covid permitting!

We’ll keep you posted. 

The team @ TVMI